With the definition of the 124 candidates and video presentation of most of them made available, our judges voted and GB has its final pre-arrival list of favorites. South Africa remains in 1st place, with a comfortable lead, followed by the Dominican Republic, Lebanon and Puerto Rico entered the Top 5.

Note that scores between 3rd and 9th place are very close, meaning anything could happen.

Of course now it all might change with the candidates in London! Will South Africa live up to her favoritism? Who will go up? Who will go down?

henrique global miss world 2

The best from each region so far, are:

AFRICA: 1) South Africa 2) Ethiopia 3) South Sudan
AMERICAS: 1) Brazil 2) Ecuador 3) Guyana
ASIA: 1) Thailand 2) Lebanon 3) Philippines
CARIBBEAN: 1) Dominican Republic 2) Puerto Rico
EUROPE: 1) Russia 2) Turkey 3) France and Spain
OCEANIA: 1) Australia 2) Guam 3) New Zealand