The open arms of the statue of Jesus is bothering Mr Khaled al Daher.
Does this mean that al Daher believes in the power of Jesus and it scares him? Is this why he wants to remove it? In your dreams Mr al Daher. And you know what, I don’t think that you will even deserve to be honored by the visit of Jesus even in your dreams.
This issue of Tripoli main square has been a debate for a while. Why would it be tagged as Muslim city? It has always been a place where Christians and Muslims shared their lives in so much peace, till the time of war came, were politicians and fanatics raised the religion issues between the citizens.
We respect Islam and we respect all decent Muslims. But no one accepts people who are full of hate and who use some ignorant followers for their own greedy purposes.
Jesus the king and our Lady of Lebanon statues are not moving from keserwen, they will stay up on the hills, hands wide open, looking over our country, from east to west, and from north to south. They will keep on protecting all Lebanese, including all Muslims.

FYI: The statues won’t be removed for the following reasons and more:

1- they bless and protect Lebanon
2- they have been here for long
3- they are loved by all Christians and lot of Muslims who visit both places
4- they represent our religion
5- they never harmed anyone in any way
6- they are beautiful and glorious
7- all the previous wars were not able to remove them
8- thousands will protect and defend them
9- they represent powerful and invincible spiritual leaders
10- nkeyeh bi all the haters………..
I hope this aspect of religions will end soon, and I hope that people would understand one day that religion is something very personal. All religions call for peace, but some people manipulate the sacred words to create wars.
W badda tdall jrasna tde’. …. بدا تضل جراسنا تضق….