#1 How coffee was first discovered

Legend has it that the energizing effects of coffee were first observed in goats that had been munching on coffee berries in Ethiopia. The shepherd said that his jittery goats appeared to be “dancing.”

#2 Death by coffee: It’s possible

Sadly, you actually CAN overdose on you good friend coffee and die. REALLY. You would have to drink a lot of coffee though: 52 cups ingested by a 125 pound person would equal a lethal dose.

#3 K-Cups are incredibly wasteful

In 2013 alone, there were so many K-Cups manufactured that if they were all brought together and lined up in a row, they would wrap around the earth’s equator 10.5 times. That is a lot of plastic!

#4 Coffee inspired webcams into existence

The state of fullness of the coffee pot at the University of Cambridge’s computer lab was so important that tabs needed to be kept on its state of fullness at all times.
The webcam was developed so that these lab users could always see a small live-video of their beloved coffee pot. If the pot was empty, they could then avoid an unnecessary trip away from their desks.

#5 Coffee fanatics

Out of all the professions, scientists and lab technicians have been found to be the heaviest coffee drinkers.

#6 Your brain loves it when you drink coffee

Coffee drinkers have been found significantly less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. 65% less likely, actually!


#7 Your liver is pretty jazzed on coffee too . . .

Coffee is also good for the liver. Coffee drinkers have been found to be more resistant to cirrhosis of the liver.

#8 Sometimes it tastes like a cup o’ mud . . . or worse.

The world’s priciest coffee is called “Black Ivory” and it’s made from coffee beans that traveled through the digestive system of an elephant and out the other end. Apparently, the elephant’s stomach contents add flavor, but still, it’s basically the same as drinking elephant feces. $50 per cup.

#9 Business is booming at Starbucks

Surprising fact: Starbucks has opened on average two new shops per day . . . since 1987!

#10 Starbucks Trenta: Coffee Big Gulp

Starbucks’ new “Trenta” size is so big that all that liquid in that giant-sized drink cannot even physically be held within the average sized stomach. The amount of liquid in the mondo Trenta size is about 15 milliliters more liquid than the average stomach can carry.