The name of Amal Alameddine Clooney appears again, this time as #2 in the top 100 list of the most powerful Arab ladies.
Today is the international Woman’s Day. From far, the Lebanese woman looks very spoiled by her spouse and in the society. But the closer we get, the scarier the situation is. The case is not better in all the other Arab countries, where most of the time women are deprived of the basics of their rights as human beings. The gulf countries are struggling to have the best of the world in all fields, except when it comes to women’s rights. God forbid a woman would dare to ask for her rights.
So in this kind of environment, for a woman to succeed and get to high positions is harder then for an elephant to go through the hole of the needle. Still, many are fighting all the odds and getting through all the obstacles to get to the top of the ladder of many companies and institutions.
The Arabian online magazine published this week the list of the top 100 most powerful Arab Women.
It is interesting to know that 11% are Lebanese ladies coming from many fields and professions.
Following is the CEO Middle East’s fifth annual list of the world’s most powerful Arab women, the Arabian yearly look at the most important female influencers across the Arab world.
top 100 Most Powerful Arab Ladies list