According the Forbes Middle East, the Lebanese Joseph Safra is the 2nd richest arab in the world.

Forbes Middle East is opening up a world of wealth once more, revealing 2015’s lineup of the world’s richest Arabs. This year’s top 100 millionaires and billionaires has increased to $174.37 billion, up from $166.2 billion a year ago. Contributing to this growth spurt are 15 newcomers, along with many seasoned faithfuls. 

A list of the 100 richest Arabs in the world, that includes 11 Lebanese:

#2: Joseph Safra (Lebanon-Brazil)

#11: Najib Mikati

#11: Taha Mikati

#19: Baha Hariri

#29: Saad Hariri

#29: Robert Mouawad & Family

#38: Jacques Saade

#41: Ayman Hariri

#48: Ray Irani

#94: Raymond Audi & Brothers
For more details about each one’s kind of business and wealth, please check the following link from Forbes Middle East: