Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal, you know. Yeah, you might feel a little … irritated, angry or sad, seeing all those couples bragging about their love and valentine’s gifts and celebrations. Come on. You’re young, free, and gorgeous! And you know what, just think about it, do you think all those Valentinos and Valentinas are genuinely happy? I doubt it. Check your facebook timeline, and see how many of your friends who are celebrating already cried on you shoulder, or nagged over the phone telling you how unhappy they are in their relationship.
Let us check the many ways where you can still have a blast.
Come on singles, let’s claim Valentine’s day and celebrate your freedom in one or more of the following ways.

1- Host Anti-Valentine’s day Party: Go with a “Love Hurts” theme and use all black decorations. No flowers, no cards, no candy… just good food, good friends, and good drinks!
2- Head to the movies: Gather up your other single friends for a night at the movies. Be sure to pick something that’s anti-romantic, no sappy chick flicks allowed! Be sure to get giant buckets of popcorn to share.
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3- Treat yourself to a SPA day: Get a massage, a facial, or a pedicure, alone or with some girlfriends. Make yourself feel special and pampered!
4- Get out of town: Plan a special trip to some place you’ve always wanted to visit.
5- Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant: with other single friends. Treat yourself to some place really special, and get a delicious dessert – you don’t have to share it!
6- Have family fun: Got nieces or nephews? Be the “cool aunt” and volunteer to babysit.
7- Dress to Impress: Get into your sexiest outfit and go out to a hot new bar or club. Challenge yourself to strike up a conversation with five guys you’d never normally approach.
8- Buy yourself an amazing Valentine’s gift: Use the money you would’ve spent on a significant other and get yourself something fabulous.
9- Volunteer: Valentine’s Day is all about love, and nothing spreads the love faster than a little volunteer work. Find a place to volunteer or just spend some time with an elderly relative.
10- Share Love: Express your love for the important people in your life. Take #time out on Valentine’s Day to write a heartfelt note to your parents and grandparents.
11- Appreciate being single: Brainstorm with single friends about the top twenty reasons you’re glad you’re single… start this list with no snoring, cover-stealing partner sleeping next to you tonight!
12- Get physical: Go for a run in the park, hit the gym, or take to the trails and hike. The endorphins released in exercise are almost as good as sex, so you’ll feel great and look great, too!
13- Send flowers to yourself: Pick out a gorgeous bouquet that you love online, write an affirming message on the card, and have them delivered to work. When someone asks who they’re from, just answer: “Someone who really loves me for me!”
14- Read a book: Books make everything better too. Read something you love, a new novel you haven’t gotten around to yet, or a self-affirming book.
15- Go to a comedy show: You can’t be sad when you’re laughing. You’ll be in a room filled with people who are laughing along with you.

Being single on February 14 can be an amazing, exciting opportunity to do something just for you. Take the day to rediscover yourself. Think, meditate, brood if you need to. What do you want out of life, out of love, and out of yourself? Come out on the other side feeling as wonderful as you are.