Here comes 50 Shades of Grey. The Big Question: Why are people so excited about this movie?
Controversial American erotic film ‘50 Shades of Grey’ official release date currently scheduled for February 12 in many movie theaters in Lebanon. But Many are going to watch the ” avant-premiere” which is already fully booked in all theaters.
The film, which is the first in a trilogy by British author E. L. James, tells the story of the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young billionaire businessman, Christian Grey. 50-Shades-of-Gray
It is famous for containing a high number of explicitly erotic scenes featuring sexual practices involving bondage and sadomasochism.
Is the movie going to be as successful as the book? Many who read the book say they couldn’t stop before finishing it. But some are already disappointed because the actor, Jamie Dornan, is not as sexy as they expected from the book.
Many questions are rising about if the movie will be released in the full version or in a short censored one.
Have you guys all already watched the trailer? Will you definitely see the movie when it comes out?

The movie is showing in the following theaters: Vox Beirut City Center, and Grand Cinema Theaters, Circuit Planet and Cinemall.