The Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) is a Lebanese non-profit organization aiming at the conservation of Lebanon’s collective memory and indigenous knowledge through the preservation, documentation and revival of Lebanon’s traditional food heritage. It seeks to create jobs for the Lebanese rural population, namely women and small producers, by reviving the market for healthy home-cooked local cuisine and organic products.

Last week I went to the region of West Bekaa ( Saghbine, Ain Zebde and Kherbet Anafar)  whith FHF, where we met farmers, locals and producers. I was personally overwhelmed by the agricultural richness of the region, the diversity of local food and recipes, the freshness of the ingredients and above all the generosity and authenticity of the people.

1-Fattouch in Ain Zebde

west bekaa 9


west bekaa 11

3- Ice cream made with fresh goat milk in Saghbine



4- Manakish zaatar and Kishkfood 2

5- Kishk in the making

west bekaa 10


6- Zlebyeh

west bekaa 5

7- Shish Barak

west bekaa 4

8- Kebbet batata stuffed with labneh and awarma

west bekaa 3

9- Fatayer labneh and awarma

west bekaa 2

10- Rawsberry Syrup