Today I was lucky enough to read an article shared by a Facebook friend about Salma Hayek’s visit to Lebanon. First I thought it was another one of those numerous talks about her. But no, the title of the article shows a “high class level of politeness”. Another “jewel” from those newborn Lebanese bloggers. I don’t know and I don’t care to know who wrote this article, but I wonder if he or she were out of their mind when they wrote the title. Lebanon kissing asses???? Waooooo…. It is obviously something written just to attract attention.

Salma Hayek visited Lebanon. Big deal.
I heard about it, I read about it, but didn’t feel like writing about it.
She is an international class A actress with a Lebanese name. I didn’t like her much, mainly because I have  heard years ago that she denied being Lebanese, which is a big turn off to me. Lebanon is a Red line not to cross. And who ever dares to do it will be on my (personal) blacklist. Beside that, I don’t think she is beautiful, and she always looked too arrogant.
And then she arrives to Lebanon. I was positively surprised to see that she was simple and humble, tiny and cute, always smiling and looking happy like a butterfly in a flowers’ field. She was obviously genuinely enjoying her visit, and to my surprise, she looked proud. Interesting!!!!
Yes, they made a huge fuss out of her visit to Lebanon, yes it was exaggerated and it was overwhelming all over the official and the social media. We all saw it, and I personally got fed up. But not to  the point to insult my country and fellow citizens on the media.
In fact I am, like so many others, fed up by the fact that nowadays, because of the social media, anyone allows themselves to be a journalist. And if they get few likes they think they can insult whoever they want, including professional journalists like Marcel Ghanem. They think they can criticize, judge and even analyze and confirm situations and sometimes medical or even criminal cases.
Oh yes, they did it. I read it. Many times.
Real shame.
Let’s face it, a blog is a blog, a Facebook is a Facebook, and you are who you are no matter what you say.
I am a blogger, and my articles are getting so liked and so positively criticized, but I still feel I don’t even deserve any compliment because I am not a professional writer and because there are so many people who have journalism as a full time job who deserve those compliments much more than me. I just write what I think, yes. But we should all have a minimum decency and self respect that makes us put whatever boundaries and limits needed not to hurt others.
And this doesn’t need any education at the the university….and if not for other’s feelings, we should do it for our own sake and self respect. Because if we get thousands of likes and comments from many unprofessional people, we might be read by few educated people who can judge us badly.
The social media is getting out of control. Bloggers are sometimes crossing the limits of the minimum of sanity. And guess what, they are getting plenty of followers and likers from their same kind.
I believe new laws should be set in all the world to fix the minds of people and get them out of this chaos brought by technology and social media.
This media is supposed to be used  for fun, for politics, for business or any good cause. Not to spread ignorance.
The sad thing is there are so many people who believe that whatever they see or hear on social media is true…!!! And yes, many of those people are so-called educated people, or people having a university degree.
Many people are getting mislead by this junk, we copy paste stuff, we click on a botton: SHARE….. And here we are, a wrong info is spread and gets viral. What a world: VIRAL, from VIRUS. Because it spreads like a virus and frequently it harms more than a real medical virus.
A lady dies in a car accident in Jbeil, a stupid  someone takes a photo and send it by whatever cheap things he has in his hands. Who gave you the right to do it????  Did you notice that you invaded the privacy of death? Did your empty mind even thought that this lady could be one of yours? Did you know that her soul might have seen you, and would have loved to slap you for doing this?
Funny some of those bloggers, Sometimes I am introduced to any of them in events or conferences, they are so arrogant and barely say hi. And I am like: oh my God, they really believe they are something big..!!!!
Back to this blogger who thinks he is more important to judge Salma Hayek, Marcel Ghanem, and Sitrida Geagea.
You made me end up writing about Salma Hayek, which you think is not good enough to talk about. ( although you did).
1- Lebanon is our country and it is above everyone except God. Put in your MIND that Lebanon doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass..!!!!
Please MIND your language. Please.
2- Lebanese citizenship is her right, and all was done legally and officially. In this I see something very positive that encourages successful Lebanese living abroad to acquire the citizenship for their children. And I don’t think they would mind giving it to anyone who would ask for it. What is bad in this? Walla bass ta ne7keh.
By the way, she appreciated it and she definitely deserves it more than anyone who sees Lebanon as an “ass kisser”.
3- Marcel Ghanem hosted her: does he always have to host ugly faces of politicians?  Wasn’t she the talk of the town, 7adiss el balad? Walla men7ebb el na3eh wel msayeb bass. And yes what she said is nice and even important, that she values the cedar more than her designer purse.
4- Sethrida Geagea joined Twitter: so what? And how could it be bad news?
Yes, she might have used the event for political interests. But still, no harm in it. She is a deputee of Becharre region and town, and she has all the right to be there and tweet about it.
5- We SUDDENLY cared about Syrian refugees? You call this SUDDENLY?
Helloooo, aren’t they everywhere? Don’t we see them every night on tv claiming their “wrong” rights from the Lebanese government? And at the end she is a star, and this is what stars do sometimes. They show interest in charities. And maybe she was sincere about it.
6- The Prophet book???? No way, please someone pokes me so I believe I am awake: where do u live? From all people I know, probably no one didn’t read the Prophet book. So why is he/she surprised about the interest of people in it now..!!??
And there is something called MARKETING in the world, and this trip was made basically to advertise the movie. So guess what, it worked…!!! The  campaign worked and good for them and for Lebanon.
To all bloggers and Lebanese youngsters I say, using English bad words might attract attention to you,  but decent media, social or professional, don’t use it.
Whoever is Mr/Mrs writer of this article, I wonder if you are a Lebanese. Because as a proud Lebanese citizen myself, I know very well that nor Lebanon neither Lebanese kiss asses.
Mabrouk the thousands of shares you got from this article. I guess you should thank the ass of Salma Hayek for it.