Aline Lahoud is an  accomplished multi talented artist and the unique daughter of great singer Salwa Katrib and niece of famous composer Romeo Lahoud. Beside her artistic genes, Aline grew up surrounded by an artistic family that gave Lebanon an important part of its musical heritage.

In a country where female artist’s talent is based on their silicone-botox-restylane beauty, Aline stands out from the crowd with a real talent and an extraordinary natural beauty.

Following her performance at The Voice France, The jury members, a panel of international singers ( Garou, Jenifer, Pagny and Mika) were totally mesmerized by Aline performance in Arabic, enabling her to receive 4 buzzes.
Tweeps, facebookers, and bloggers didnt stop tweeting and posting abt Aline for 3 consecutive days, where #AlineLahoud and #TheVoiceFrance were top hashtags. International and local media compared Aline to young Dalida.

Why our talented artists need to go abroad to be recognized?? Did the Voice France awaken our national feeling and artistic sense? Aren’t we able to appreciate real talents in our own country?
Aline, we had always appreciated your talent and therefore, we will always support and love you.

Watch Aline performance at the Voice. Click here