Beirut airport security had prevented Tunisian activist Amina Sboui  from entering Lebanon to participate in a program  for BBC Arabic.  Amina returned to Paris despite all the attempts from BBC Television.

Amina is a  Tunisian activist who sparked a massive controversy in Tunisia back in March 2013 by posting a topless photo on Facebook with the words “Fuck your Moral” written across her chest. Sboui was arrested in Kairouan on May 19, 2013 for painting the word “FEMEN,” the name of an activist group know for its topless protests, on a cemetery wall. Feminists around the world called for her release. FEMEN leader Inna Shevchenko addressed Sboui’s case in international media and the group staged protests around Europe under the name “International Topless Jihad Day”.

Liberated on August 1st, after being detained for more than two months, Amina finally decided to quit FEMEN, accusing the group of Islamophobia and lack of financial transparency. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up on her cause. On August 15, she posted another topless photo on the social networks. “Topless and anarchist,” she said. Amina always surprises.

Amina wrote on her facebook page following her expulsion from Beirut Airport:

عندما تراهم يركضون مثل المجانين و يتركون ثلاثة اشخاص حولك و هذا فقط فقط لانك امراة ، لم اتوقف عن الضحك البارحة بمطار بيروت، هذه انا احل الرعب بقلوبهم الملآى بالحقد على المراة باي مكان احل به. شكرا مجددا لتحسيسي باهمية ما يمكن ان اقوم به