Erbil city is the capital of Kurdistan Region Government, the oldest city with continuous residentially.

This city is regarded as one of the most deep-rootedGovernorate in the area. The city is located at the height of 418 m sea level, in accordance with historical references, the city was established 6000 prior to A.D.

The name of Erbil city has been found in the Somarian transcripts (with different shapes and Somarian Alphabetic) ; such as (Urbilam, Arbil, Urbl and Arba Ilo) .

The city was the main station for The God Ashtar which was the main goddess which worshiped  at that era. Most of the historians and researchers have studiedthe history of this important city, which is regarded an important subject for many artists, history studiers and other researchers even in Europe.

Pictures courtesy of Natheer Halawani.