Dear Toni, first, I am not one of your haters, maybe because I rarely watch tv. In fact I am not at all a fan of the “Monday Horror night” on the three successful local tvs. But the few opportunities when I watched some of your scoops, I was somehow positively impressed. I liked your genuine motivation to defend hopeless cases and hopeless people.

This week I didn’t watch your episode, but it happened that I saw your colleague, the internationally famous Rima Karaki, doing her own scoop about Sarah el Amine’s case, when she accepted the call of the friend of the killer who was defending the husband and blaming the wife.
This is really disgusting, professional people like her and you, using death and victims of horrific murders to get more viewers. What went through her mind to let him talk for so long, while the brother and the son of Sarah were burning from anger? Are you people so heartless to dig a rusty sword in their heart? WALAW…!!!!

On the other side, your episode was spread and widely shared by social media. And here come the Jewel of the history of talk shows.
Mr Khalifeh, I might not be a journalist, or a professional critic. But I am a woman. And NO, not one of those crazy feminist. But although I am beyond shocked, I didn’t get to the point of being speechless.

First, I agree that the local NGO’s in general, and the domestic violence associations in particular, should definitely go through a detailed and official screening, to clean them up from any frauds and gaps, which I surely don’t deny the existence in some particular cases. But it doesn’t mean they are inducing the killing of those women. It also doesn’t give you the right to divert the blame from the real killer.

I would like to ask you couple of questions. Was this episode pure ignorance of the subject or simply conscious or sub-conscious machismo due to our patriarchal society?
Did you think for a second during this episode about the pain of all the abused women or the families of the victims, when you tried to put more blame on the associations than the monster who committed the crime? If God forbid you know that your sister or your daughter got beaten by a crazy spouse, would your “Phoenician” manhood let you ask her to forgive him and go back to him?

And now my turn to answer few of the questions and comments you raised during the episode. This episode where you thought “ ennou bakkalta” to hit the associations and start a new scandal, but your guests didn’t please you all the time. And then again you were just bringing up this detail, but you ended up with “salleh fadyeh”… 😉

You said that lately the number of victims increased, but you didn’t mention where you got your info from. Any accurate statistics? Or just a guess. The answer is that there were always lot of those crimes in Lebanon, but it was always hidden, mainly by the family of the victim, just to avoid the JERSA. Please don’t tell me that you never heard of those unexplained suicides, or sudden heart attacks, or aneurysm or food poisoning, or maybe she simply fell on the stairs etc etc.
You are wondering that a woman would leave the house. For how long could you stay in the same house with someone who is beating you everyday?
 Sometimes you confirm and insist that those associations are pushing the women to go back to their husband so they will die, and other times you say they are creating a bigger problem by making them start a lawsuit and a divorce, therefore they are breaking families. Hmmmm….. can you make up your mind which one is crime of those NGO’s? I admit that they are not always doing a perfect job, and that there might be some gaps in what they do, but overall they are saving many women everyday.
 Your best pearl of the whole episode was when you pitied the killer by saying that he is sick and he should be taken care of, “lezem nderi”……in fact the real translation of this expression is more pampering him than taking care of him.
Let me tell you something, an abuse or sick( as u called him) man won’t dare to abuse, and even to marry a bitch. They usually choose the right victim, a sweet decent woman, who was raised to respect her husband and protect her family. So be sure Mr khalife, that this woman already “ deretou” and took care a lot of him, and maybe more than enough. And be sure that she did everything to save her marriage before getting to this point and get the legal and social help. Please bala Tenzzirr…..
 And here come the well chosen respectable Cheikh, who started with some very wise words, and then gave you a push: the NGO’s don’t fit our society and they create a huge GAP with our culture. Oh my GOD…!!!!! And does our culture laws include a clause that allows the man to beat and kill his wife? For the sake of The beloved God STOP.
 Mr Tony, do you know that at one point you suddenly brought us to heaven? I thought I was having a beautiful dream when you said that a simple “jalseh” or “a3deh” between two spouses could solve the problem and bring them together. Is it a fairy tale?? La vie en Rose ou Alice au pays des Merveilles. You forgot to add…..W 3eshou 3isheh sa3ideh…. What are you talking about:The crazy monster is beating the hell out of her every day…!!!!!!!!!
 Thank you for bringing Doctor Nabil Khouri who at least gave a scientific and logical explanation to the situation. In fact lot, if not most of the abuser husbands are narcissistic and egocentric. And maybe this should have been the main subject of your episode. This also explains the fact that he “treated her well”, which he probably did to make people believe he is the perfect husband, and brighten more his image.
 In this case the killer admitted the crime and the reason he gave was that she sued him. So what? What is the solution you suggest in such a situation? Any of the previous ones? Be sure that he just wanted to kill her, and this gave him the alibi. He probably killed her because she dared to break her coffin and decided to stop being his slave.

Mr Tony Khalifeh, I wish everyone and especially professional journalist take this issue much more seriously. Please think about your words, and don’t be part of this crime.


Some women might already be taking advantage of the situation, and those associations are not perfect, but this doesn’t mean that they are doing a bad job.

If you like to help, try to talk about many other issues concerning the subject and that will surely help improve the situation. You can bring up solutions for those gaps in solving the issue. I guess the main issue is to keep an abuser free, while he should go under professional therapy. Didn’t you say that he is a sick person and must be taken care of?
We cannot be too platonic about such an aggressive problem. And no you cannot understand the injustice and pain of a battered woman. We still need a lot before the Lebanese woman gets her rights. Don’t let the fake appearance of those plastic ladies fool you and make you believe they are happy. If they were, they would not be working so much on themselves.

Finally, and in a nutshell, I am sorry to tell that the way people saw this episode is the following: while trying to blame and even accuse the associations of creating killers just to be able to accumulate donations from abroad, it was so obvious that your real intention was not at all helping any specific cause except yours, getting more viewers for your show, therefore more advertising and money. Full stop.