ArabNet Beirut 2016 was held on 1/2/3 March 2016 at Habtoor Hilton Hotel, Sin el-Fil.

As each year the event was a powerful gathering of the Arab World digital professionals & IT entrepreneurs.

Alongside the many interesting and informative conferences that were organized & held during the 3 days of the event, ArabNet Beirut was as well the perfect platform for many new comers on the field to enthusiastically show & market their products & solutions to the attendees.

Being one of the top leading Magazine blogs in Lebanon Glamroz couldn’t possibly miss the event!

So we were actively present for the 3rd year in a row to cover the exhibition and have a closer look on the latest innovations  that are shaking the tech environment and we were back with the below pictures from the event.

Couldn’t wait for ArabNet Beirut 2017!

ArabNet Beirut 2016 Official Website