Beirut Maghen Abraham Synagogue, currently the only Synagogue in Beirut is planned to open soon. The opening ceremony will be headed by  Lebanese rabbi, and in the presence of the remaining members of the community who waited for this moment for more than 40 years .

According to sources,  the preparations are underway to furnish the synagogue with seats, carpets and chandeliers, and  to write the names of all donors who contributed in the reconstruction, on a panel to be suspended on the outer door.

The same sources pointed out that the opening of the synagogue had to be announced officially, but the decision has not yet been taken in terms of the presence of a large crowd , given the current situation and developments in the region , is likely to be limited to the opening ceremony of a small combines a small number of members of the community.

Renovations on the ruined synagogue in central Beirut began in 2009 after an agreement between various religious denominations and permission from the Lebanese government, planning authorities and even Hezbollah. The project received the green light after political officials and community leaders became convinced it could show that Lebanon is an open country, tolerant of many faiths including Judaism.

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