The country is going under lot of tension, would a war start soon?

Lot of talk about da3esh ( ISIS) and the battle of Ersal. It ended in few days but most of the people were not happy: what about the martyrs who got killed, what about the abducted soldiers?

the cruelty of da3esh didn’t twice us much hope of a good near and far future with them around. Everyday a new video is released with horrific and graphic images of decapitation of innocent people.

Finally last night we got some good news about the soldiers who got released.

bitter sweet news, as many of them are still hostages.

One photo is the best, it shows lot of emotions, all kind of emotions. This old father seeing his son coming back home while the hope to see him alive again was so little. It shows lot of joy, mixed with lot of sadness he lived lately.

A Photo that worth thousand of words, a photo that could bring tears to the hardest heart.

god bless our troops and long life to Lebanon and all the Lebanese.