Offre Joie – Farah el Aata’.

Sunday April 13th at 4:00 pm join us to a walk from Beirut museum to the parliament location.

Dimanche 13 Avril à 16:00 rassemblement à la place du musée pour Marcher jusqu’au parlement.

شاركوا جمعية فرح العطاء على درج المتحف في ذكرى الحرب الأهلية في ١٣ نيسان

OFFRE JOIE is a non-political, non-religious, non-confessional, unbiased Lebanese association that helps in enhancing life conditions in the unfortunate areas of LEBANON under the motto:


Offre Joie is based on the 3 principles of LOVE, FORGIVENESS and RESPECT.

Offre Joie was founded in 1985 during the war in Lebanon. It is registered in Lebanon under the number 212 A/D.
Offre Joie is a youth “NGO” which aims to gather the Lebanese people that have suffered from the war. It’s a way to say “NO” to the war.
Offre Joie is animated by the young people and for the young people.
Alongside its cultural and socially oriented projects, Offre Joie is known to be the pioneer in all impartial patriotic protests and rallies.