Media and social media got so busy this morning with some bad news, Sabah is gone, for a better place. Of course it is a better place, in the arms of our creator.

All the posts in the media and on my friends’ walls said things like: RIP Sabah, Sabah Died, Good bye Sabah, etc. I had a different feeling, and it is not a sad one.

It was simply like seeing a shining star flying in the sky toward heaven. Simply this. A real star, not one of those trashy common fake ones we see everywhere.

Excuse me for not being able to see the sad and black part of her passing away to the enlightened world. Her light is so bright and strong that even death cannot extinguish it.

She was a sunshine in our life since we were born. One of the genuine artists who accompanied us while growing, who brightened the dark days of the Lebanese war.

She always succeeded to smoothly invade our homes and our hearts through the little black and white screens and later through colored ones, either small, or huge ones in movie theaters. We feel like she was part of our families. Wasn’t she always present in our events through her songs? She was part of all our celebrations, from weddings, to engagements and all our parties.

Even the “haters” of Sabah, who were few, and who had the gut to criticize her personal life, they had to bow in front of her glorious glowing personality. And the sweet Angel always forgave them. She never held grudges against anyone.

Sabah had many nicknames, my favorite one is “ al OUSTOURA”, the Legend. She was always a real legend, starting with her voice, her artistic skills, her extravagant fashion style, her unique personality, and last but not least, her legendary laugh. Not any ordeal was able to break her, and I am sure death won’t.

Mourning Sabah should be done in a different way than any other person, it should be a celebration of her beautiful life. Even in the worst days of her life, and she had plenty, she was wearing not only her elegant colorful outfits, but also her huge beautiful and eternal smile.

In the old time, in Europe, they use to write on the grave of someone in Latin the following expression: “He Lived”, which is the euphemism of “He Died”. This is well applied in the case of our Sabbouha, as she didn’t only live, but she was the definition of Life itself.

I feel blessed to be from the last generation of the beautiful world, a world before those plastic dolls, a generation where the man singer was proud of his moustache and dabkeh, and time where scandals were few.

Sabbouha we love you and we thank you for being part of our joyful moments and best memories. You will keep on living in our hearts and in our life.

God bless your soul ya ahla Oustoura.

(Please click on the video above and listen to her song: قايمي ضب تيابي ….ورايحه لعند احبابي)
“La vie en ROZ”