While Lebanese institutions are paralyzed, and the economy is stagnating, civil society is increasingly active, unleashing its dream of independence and prosperity in a Mobile App this time.

CME Offshore, a leading software engineering company based in Badaro, headed by an ESIB graduate, Wissam Youssef, just launched an Independence Day Mobile App competition. “The idea came over lunch, in a brainstorming among our diverse team members coming from all parts of the country, and who are eager to contribute together to their environment” said Project manager Gilberte Tanios. “This competition is not only about technology, it’s about a vision, a culture to which we aspire, a tribute to our patriotic heroes, and a country that we would like to recover, line of code after line of code” said CME Offshore’s General Manager Wissam Youssef. “We would like to boost creativity and positive thinking among youth and fight brain drain” he added.

The competition was launched this week end on Facebook. Participants have to implement a mobile app around the theme of Independence Day and publish it before November 22nd at midnight. Prize is not only $2000 in cash paid by every team member of CME Offshore, but also a job opportunity in the company and, above all, a passionate message from a new generation of internet and computer professionals to the nation about Independence Day. The jury is composed of the company’s young and dynamic technical leads. Results will be announced on November 30th. Number of downloads and reviews will impact jury decision. A great initiative that is managed through a democratic selection process in the middle of political deadlock.

To join the competition:http://www.cmeoffshore.com/competition