Kids getting killed in Ghazza, Christians massacred in Moussol, airplanes crashing, hundreds of deaths everywhere in this world.
What kind of chaos is this? Is it the end of times?
Sometimes I wonder if the world has always been so horrible or is it the media in all its kinds that is showing what real life is.
It looks like evil escaped from jail and is enjoying messing up the world.
Most people are compassionate about Ghazza, others are more touched by the Christians getting exterminated by the da3esh people, sorry… I mean da3esh inhuman monsters.
Da3esh, or ISIS or any other name they have been called, those devils who were created for political purposes. Those devils killing God’s children in the name of God.
How can someone scream “Allah w Akbar” while doing what Allah doesn’t want us to do.  Is this Islam? No it isn’t.
Not any descent and REALLY religious Muslim would accept to watch those crimes being done in the name of Islam without feeling ashamed. Proof is the voices of religious and lay people, here and there, protesting all those awful acts.
Those wonderful Muslim brothers and sisters, who learned from the Coran Karim that God is a God of mercy and love. If da3esh people can deny the presence of mother Mary, they cannot delete her “Sora” from the Coran. Even prophete Mohammad respected her and Jesus.
Can anyone please tell da3esh people to go fight where they are needed?  Let them save their energy, strength and weapons to fight those who are killing their brothers in religion in Ghazza.  Wouldn’t it be better for all the Arabs if they go and free Palestine from Israelis instead of emptying the Arab countries from Christians?
By the way, they won’t ever be able to empty this holy land from Christians, and no matter what they do, Christians will always be like a Phoenix and they will rise again.To all Muslim brother and sisters who are celebrating the blessed Ramadan this week, we cry for you to stand up for peace, ask for it proudly and loudly, in the name of Allah, the only God who only wants peace on earth.
Let us all keep religion a personal matter. Let us seek the vertical relationship with God. Religion is about spirituality, not about politics.
Politicians from all religions are using it as a weapon to get what they want from positions and wealth. They are using the ignorant and immature youngsters, mostly by drugging them, to get to their dirty aims.
Please dear real Muslims, we ask you and we beg you to wake up, and help your brothers in humanity.
In a situation like this, no one can stay neutral. Let us stop all kind of  killings on earth.
Happy Eid to all the humanity, may this eid bring to all the blessing needed, mainly peace on earth and in the hearts of all.
Check video of Tania Kassis singing Islamo Christian Ave Maria