If you love him or you hate him…
If you read his poems or listened to the songs he wrote,
If you met him in real or saw him on tv,
Said Akl is not a man who passes by someone without leaving a very strong impression.
He was always unique, in his poems, in his philosophy and even in his look.

He adored Lebanon and fought for the Lebanese language, and even wanted to make it the official language of Lebanon. He wrote beautiful words about love and about war, about women and about his country, he taught at the university while he never had a higher education degree. His life resembled to his look: crazy like his hair, classy and smart like his look, and full of energy and life like his eternal red ties.

Said Akl is another legend of my country who passed away, another cedar that fell in this latest tornado that took three big names of the art history in Lebanon in one week.

Not easy to write about someone like this huge mind, especially after all what was said about him lately. Who are we to write or think about him, as whatever has been or will be said is so dull compared to the man he was.

In fact, we should say to the man he still is, as people like him never die, at the opposite, they will grow and thrive in time. One of those big names like Gebran khalil Gebran, Mikhael Naaymeh etc etc. same as in the artistic world, Sabah won’t ever die, like Oum Koulsoum, Abed el Wahab, Farid el Atrach, Abed el Halim and our dearest Wadih el Safi.

What is disgusting in all this matter is not the death that took them away from this planet, but it is the dead people who are apparently alive and breathing, and who dare to judge those Giants.

Those leftovers of the media or others who are pseudo-artists, or even those ordinary people who are judging and criticizing people like Said Akl or Sabah.

What the hell is your problem if she got married 10 times or 100 of times? Did she ever ask anyone of you to pay her divorce fees? Or maybe she cried on your shoulders? Don’t you guys have a life and your own dirt to clean before judging her and her life, this woman who never hurt anyone and who was so generous to give up everything she ever had to people she loved. Do you think she meant to suffer?

And the worst is the situation of the late poet Said Akl, this is were the craziness starts. He barely passed away, and we see a video appearing from nowhere where Akl is declaring his thoughts about kicking out the Palestinians who invaded our country and who were at the time killing our people.

How dared he to be patriotic? How dared he to ask for Lebanon’s freedom? The crime is that he mentioned the “I” country, this hell of a country to which, those people barking, or their masters, were spies.

They forgot that Said Akl wrote poems and songs about Palestine…. No, he is a criminal and he must be judged. Let us order God to bring him back to life so they can put him in jail.

Those cowards didn’t dare to spit their poison while he was alive, as one word from him would have been stronger than their lousy swords, those weapons they are using to slaughter our heroes from the army.

Maybe Said Akl should have been like our politicians, people of great hospitality, welcoming all the outlaws from the neighboring countries. First the Palestinians who created the civil war, and now millions of Syrians who invaded us like the “horse of Troy”, and who are full of fanatics and criminals.

And we all wonder and show sadness about loosing the last geniuses of our dear Lebanon. Yes we are indeed. And we wonder why we don’t have people like that in the new generations. I guess I know the answer, maybe because we don’t deserve people like them anymore.

The new generation who is following the politicians who are ruining the country don’t deserve real men and women like those. Khalass, the curtain is down. The comedy is over.

Sabah, Wadih, Said, Nahawand, Zaki, Assi, Mansour, even Emm Melhem and Abou Melhem, you will all be very dearly missed, especially for my generation, who was fortunate to be the last to know you, and unfortunate to see the next world that we cannot cope with.