An Unusual Ride of Cultural Mission

She made it a point to make it happen, and it did, tearing down the layers of misrepresentations and misinterpretations created by the media of wars and conflicts to reveal to the world the culture of a Lebanon gone amiss. In the smoothest and most appealing way, she conveys it to the world in all integrity, while connecting the Lebanese descendants to their roots. In that, her blog is on an unusual ride of cultural mission.


We’ve seen it, loved it, praised it, shared it… and we speak about it today.

Paris, at the Lapidus Haute-Cuture House, with French designer Olivier Lapidus and his wife and model Yara.

In fact, “Easy Lebanese Recipes” stands as an attractive signpost of a kind to a world of Lebanese cultural stories, history, realities, forgotten facts, interviews with featured guests and, of course, Lebanese recipes and natural home remedies. Cities and subcultural communities are narrated, achievements of our forefathers are not disregarded, cultural impacts of past foreign rulers are not dismissed, and the pride of a nation of givers is well stated…  We must say, Easy Lebanese Recipes is not just your usual recipe blog!

“Food, that source of comfort and pleasure, stands as the most important and persistent aspects of our traditional culture,” says Claudys, blogger of Easy Lebanese Recipes.  “It connects us to our history, our traditions, our community, and to each other. To the world, my online adventure shares ours while it thrives to connect our Lebanese descendants to their roots as the cultural heritage is transmitted….. “

A former Gourmet Group member, family-oriented mother of three, Claudys shares more than her culinary knowledge and expertise on her blog. A Public Speaker and a multilingual Writer, holder of a Master Degree in Psychology and a diploma in Event production, with a strong background in business development, she assumed for decades high-level executive and advisory roles in both the humanitarian and corporate worlds.


Born in Venezuela and raised in Lebanon, she lived in different countries, has traveled well, and interacted with various cultures, which, as she stated, “were very enriching experiences.”  Today, she calls Canada “home” where she has settled down with her children some seven years ago. It is from Montreal, in La Belle Province of Quebec, that she runs her blog, maintaining and sharing the pride of her roots and her upbringing.

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