Early summer dawn, a simple drive on Beirut highway caused a big catastrophe. It ended the life of a great young man, a very highly educated man, coming from an educated family. Someone who at a very young age was trusted to be in charge of a big town, in fact two: Zgharta and Ehden. ( we note that Zgharta and Ehden have the same municipality and the same residents, the first is for winter and the second is for summer). In fact he was barely 27 years old when he was elected as mayor of Zgharta-Ehden.

Banners are all over the town, crying and mourning his absence. Rayess Toufic as his people called him was and still is loved by Zgharta residents. He gave a lot to his hometown, and now it is time to give him back: respect, love and lot of tears.Too early for him to leave, he still had a long life to live. He worked hard for Ehden. Ehden was the most important summer town in the North of Lebanon, and one of the best in the whole country.

Rayess Toufic, you brought tears to our eyes, we all cried your death, people who know you well and people who never met you. All Lebanese received the bad news with lot of sadness. Such a young leader, such a stupid death.

You will never be forgotten, and those are not only words. Your work during the last years at the municipality is a great legacy, a concrete one. You left early, in your age, you left early, before the summer. A promising and flourishing Ehden summer, that enlightens all Lebanon with its shiny international festival.

Ehden won’t ever be the same without you, it will wear a black gown this coming summer.

But one thing is sure, you will be watching from above, where hopefully you are with Mother Mary and Jesus.


WHO IS TOUFIC MOUAWAD: Zgharta-Ehden Mayor, Toufic Albert Mouawad passed away on Thursday June 19, 2014 early morning due to a horrendous car crash in Beirut.

Toufic Moawad was born  in 1983, graduated from University of Saint Joseph  Engineering school ESIB,  and have a Banking degree from Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Paris ESCP.

Glamroz will share your farewell in a special way, the way you liked it Rayess, showing the beautiful Ehden, the town you were always proud to promote.

Beautiful photos and a great video from Ehden.

 10 Things to do in Ehden 

1-Visit Kannoubine Valley:


2- Enjoy beautiful Ehden



3- Hike Ehden Nature Reserve



4- Visit Saint Mema Church, the oldest Maronite Church in LebanonCitymall , beirut 255


5- Attend Ehdeniyat International Festival 2014PIER3404_wm


6- Indulge yourself with Kebbeh Krass



7-  Stay at Al Midan Ehden



8- Visit Mar Geryes church