Embrace Life is an award winning short British public information film made for the Sussex  Partnership Safer Roads (SSRP) about the importance of wearing seat belts. Released on 20 January 2010 and initially only shown in the local  area, the short film became an international phenomenon.

“I wanted to create a visual metaphor addressing how a single decision in a person’s day can greatly influence both their own and their loved ones’ lives. Choosing to film the story inside the family living room represents the feelings many people equate with their own car, in that it represents a level of safety and protection from the ‘outer’ world. So to create the emotion of this dramatic moment, I wanted to tell the story using slow motion to allow the audience the time to be drawn into the film’s world and to let them connect with and project their own feelings onto the scenario playing out before them. I wanted to give the audience the time to breathe, to absorb our message and using slow motion was the right technique to allow this to happen.” Daniel Cox (Writer/Director)