Will the robot era depicted in the movie Ex-Machina last year be real soon?

Well according to, Taiwan based IT giant, Asus latest invention “Zenbo”, we might be getting closer & closer to Artificial Intelligence…

Zenbo is a cute, two-wheeled, home-help robot that will read stories to kids, summon help for seniors in an emergency, and blast out songs while twirling around the floor to the music.

Jonney Shih, chairman of Asus, said that he saw the robot as an evolution in computing — something that followed on from the PC era, mobile computing, and the recent so-called Internet of Things.

A core focus of the development work was designing the robot to appear approachable.

That’s why its face is a screen that can show a lot more computerized emotion than a traditional robot, he said. It does this through a set of large eyes and an almost perpetual smile that makes Zenbo appear cute.

But even with the best industrial design in the world, the robot won’t sell unless it’s useful. In coming up with a sample series of apps, Zenbo is adapted towards every member of the family.

Its features include functions for all age groups. It will read stories and play games with kids; for the elderly it can call family members for help or assistance; and for all members of the family, it can play music, present recipes, answer questions, and control the home’s lights and TV.

With its launch at Computex International Expo, Taiwan, Zenbo will be available only at the local market at first, but sales could spread to other countries depending on its success.

We look forward that it will be a real success story this time.

Robots have been enriching our human imaginatve decades ago, but tangible experiences are yet still to happen.

For more info on Zenbo: http://zenbo.asus.com/

For info on Ex-Machina movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470752/