The bride is a humble country beautician who changed her name and converted to Islam to become the bride at the centre of the ‘wedding of the century’… and a storm of controversy. From April to Aysha, the bride is the Cinderella of Australia.
What about the prince? Salim Mohajer a son of a Lebanese businessman who doesn’t seem to be liked by the Australians. But thew talk now is about the wedding, if we can call it so.

The proud groom called it “AUSTRALIAS BEST WEDDING” on social media, but Lidcombe residents were less impressed.
Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer​ married in a lavish ceremony on Saturday which included four helicopters, a fleet of stretch limousines, luxury cars including a Ferrari and several Lamborghinis, a squad of motorbikes and a posse of police.
Sure, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn may have illegally closed an entire street for the lavish motorcade of luxury cars. Sure, Saturday morning soccer games were halted so he could land four choppers on the local oval.
The opulent celebration began when Mr Mehajer​ arrived in a local park by helicopter with his wedding entourage, stepping onto a freshly rolled red carpet where he was greeted by cameras. He then travelled with a fleet of cars worth $50 million to a home in Frances Street, Lidcombe, where his fiancee was waiting.
At its height, the celebration included performers banging on large drums, a jet flyover and a plane towing a sign announcing the nuptials with a love heart.

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