… And who doesn’t know the legendary Fayrouz???
More than just a singer Fayrouz is a Lebanese Diva  who is widely considered to be the most famous living singer in the Arabic-speaking world and one of the best known of all times 
Fairouz is acknowledged not only for her musical talent and contribution, but also as a cultural icon, a symbol of a people, a heritage, a quest for peace, and of humanity.
Fairouz is worshiped by millions worldwide. She is routinely received by kings, presidents, and illustrious dignitaries. Unlike any other artist, Fairuz holds the key to almost every city where she has performed, given to her as a symbolic gesture of appreciation and recognition.
Fayrouz’s voice – commonly described as mukhmali, or “velvet-like” – is smooth and clear.  
From modern Arab sounds with jazz appeal to traditional-scale and oriental tunes, her voice fit all types of music genres and she could express emotion with her voice as if they were facial expressions or simple photos. 

Her special combination of lyrics, music, and vocal quality accounts Fayrouz’s ethereal and widely accepted Arabic titles as “Neighbor of the Moon” and “Our Ambassador to the Stars”.
During most of her career, Fairouz reflected two great artists, Assi (her husband) and Mansour Rahbani. They wrote the lyrics and composed her tunes. Today, many of her songs reflect the composing talent of Ziad Rahbani who is Fairouz’s son. 
Her songs testify to the Rahbani musical genius, as well as to Fairouz’s broad musical background.
The Fayrouz-Rahbani legacy created a unique cultural phenomenon.
The lyrics generally focus less on the theme of unrequited love than do most Arab songs. Instead, they focused on historical events, on love, comedy and simplicity in the Lebanese countryside: 
Her songs are constantly heard throughout the Arabic countries.
The Lebanese could divert on many issues but Fairouz for them is a national pride, and as  they say “Baalbeck fifth column.” – See more at: http://www.lebanoneguide.net/cities.aspx?pageid=455#sthash.SkKXNpSq.dpuf