Fish pedicure….
They bite, we giggle….

What would it take to get you to stick your feet in a tank of fish that feed on human flesh? It’s an experience some are willing to pay for. Thousands of people are apparently flocking to try the latest in spa pampering in the world. The purpose is that the fish nibbling away dead skin to leave feet soft and smooth.
Doctor fish is the name given to the species of fish Garra rufa. Other nicknames include nibble fish, and kangal fish. Garra rufa, the silvery inch-long fish originate occurs in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle East, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Oman.
They have been integrated as a spa treatment, where they feed on the skin of patients with psoriasis. They also involve removing dead skin and calluses from the bottom of the foot. This skin can be removed through various methods: via buffing with a pumice stone or through scraping with a metal foot file or razor. Many salons no longer use the metal scraper due to liability issues, but sometimes the pumice stone just isn’t enough.
This is where the fish come in. That might sound unpleasant to the uninitiated, but the salons that have the fish pedicure are filled with giggling customers.
When you go in, you just gotta laugh, some people do laugh till their tears come out. They bite, we giggle.
The fish are very expensive and they’re difficult to maintain. There’s a lot of risk in taking care of the fish. You’ve got to give them warm water. If the water temperature drops below 70 degrees, they’ll die.
Below are few addresses in case you like to experience the Fish Pedicure in Lebanon.

-Reflex Clinic and SPA (CEC Center – Bloc B – 2nd Floor Raii el Saleh Street – Dekwaneh Near Gallery Matta, behind Pharmacy Reina) 961 3 94-00-89

-Pebbles Wellness & Beauty Lounge ( Hazmieh) Phone: 05 958 222 / 71 000 017