Lately we heard many complaints or what I call “mini-scandals” about MEA , the Middle east airlines we are usually proud of , as what happened with the disabled journalist Roula Helou, who was prevented from boarding a Middle Eastern Airlines plane and who planned to file a lawsuit, after staff at the company allegedly humiliated her for not being able to walk.

Couple of days ago , our friend Gino, from Gino’s blog shared an article about MEA , I read it, he has a point about what he said, but still, we felt it is better not to comment . “8 Reasons why I don’t fly MEA “

Without any hesitation, we had decided not to write about any of the “bad news” of MEA . Accidents happen, and our patriotism stopped us from sharing our dirty laundry out.

Now the MEA was the “ victim” and it made the international media talk about it.

 A passenger plane flying from Lebanon to Iraq turned back after the Iraqi transport minister’s son missed the flight and phoned Baghdad to stop the aircraft from landing, Middle East Airlines (MEA) said. Is the MEA to blame? No, they got an order from Iraki  government.

When Mahdi el Amiri arrived at the gate he was angry and said: “I will not allow the plane to land in Baghdad.” Twenty-one minutes into the flight, the Baghdad airport station manager called MEA operations to tell them there was no clearance to land. Iraq’s Transport Ministry confirmed the airliner had been turned around but said this was due to airport cleaning and that the minister’s son had not been due to be a passenger on it. The flight was cancelled after it returned to Beirut, officials say, which meant that its 71 passengers had been disembarked and had to search for new means of transport. Big mess. Now ontacts are going on between the Lebanese and the Iraqi authorities to resolve the matter. All this talk makes us think about it , Fly or not to fly MEA . This is a personal decision each of us should take.

As for me, I will never stop flying MEA for the all following 9 reasons and more :

1)    It was the only airline that served Lebanon during the war.

2) The MEA Pilots are known to be of the best in the whole world.

3) They have the best soft non-bumpy landing ever.

4)  They never had a plane crash .

5)  The airplanes are always clean and comfortable.

6)  It is the only national airline we have.

7)  The meals are good and rich.  ( MEA new inflight menu )

8)  The MEA airplanes make the Cedar fly High in the sky.

9) They have elegant and beautiful flight attendants.

I am sorry I cannot be part of the bad news, I lived abroad and traveled a lot, which let me be in a position to judge in some matters. MEA makes mistakes , but who doesn’t. Exactly two weeks ago, I got stuck the whole day at the Frankfurt airport due to a strike of the security employees. It was a huge mess and craziness, we waited for long hours . Nothing was organized, no one told us what to do. Some of the passengers panicked , like this Syrian lady who came to me and asked to stay with me while crying. We got hungry , we got thirsty. I was lucky to have a shengen Visa to be able to leave the airport, unlike many who had to sleep in the airport , till the next day or more, till they were able to leave for their next destination. Yes, all this happened in Germany, one of the most civilized and organized countries in the world. And guess what , the Germans didn’t leave or cursed their country for this reason. Let us focus on our blessings and the beauty of this country.

 We hope The MEA will consider all what is going on and work on a management makeover for their company , as we like to always be proud of them and we like the MEA to keep our beautiful Cedar rising high in the sky.

God bless LEBANON.