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The name Batroun derives from the Greek,Botrys (also spelled Bothrys), which was later Latinized to Botrus. Historians believe that the Greek name of the town originates from thePhoenician word, bater, which means to cutand it refers to the maritime wall that the Phoenicians built in the sea to protect them from tidal waves.

Other historians believe that the name of the town is derivative of the Phoenician words, beit truna, which translates to house of the chie Batroun is a major tourist destination in North Lebanon. The town boasts tens of historic churches, both Catholic and Greek Orthodox. The town is also a major beach resort with a vibrant nightlife. Citrus groves surround Batroun, and the town has been famous, from the early twentieth century, for its fresh lemonade, which is sold by most of the cafés and restaurants on its main street.