With her intense passion for arts, design and digital technologies and with a colourful portfolio entailing everything from the arts, interior design, to the world of fashion; Génia Maalouf is a photographer whose lens surpasses the two dimensional limits to create a third one which engages the beholder in subjective beauty, delivered through her skilled dedication to details.

Holding a Masters in Fine Arts with a photography specialty, from Université du Saint Esprit de Kaslik (USEK), Génia’s talent was thus cultivated.

Books, magazines, advertisements, private expos and many venues, have successfully placed this artist in the A-list of modern photographers, proving herself to be an open window through which taste and creativity join hands with know-how and expertise, to capture a fleeting stunning moment, otherwise left oblivious to the un-keen eye.
Génia Maalouf reveals beauty and refinement where we thought they were absent; her distinctive practised feel and confident understanding of what a photograph should express indulge the viewer in a ride down the lane of professional photography.

Books names

Interior and Architecture Books in Lebanon, South of France, London, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc..Dream Homes of Lebanon, Dream Homes of Lebanon and Beyond II

Iranian Culinary Book Recipes from my heart

Events Decoration Books Parties Parties, Passionément, A la folie

Paintings and Painters Books Pieces for a Museum,Paul Wakim Collection Bank Audi, Orientalist Paintings and works of Art,Art of Lebanon
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Génia Maalouf
Professional Photographer
Tel: +961 3 243646