Glamroz, a name that many never heard about till now, while others are following all its updates.
A baby e-magazine in the modern media, the amateur media that is booming now all over the world. A media  where anyone can share their ideas with others in the way they like it.
Some of it is interesting and adding a lot to the world, while others are using it for bad purposes and intentions.
Glamroz was started by two lady dentists who both share the same passion for technology, media and intellectual and cultural events. The idea started when they were sharing their thoughts about the lack of interesting local paper or online magazine.
In Lebanon we have very few categories of journalism and media:
The purely political.
The “artistic”.
The social.
And some religious.
Very few cultural.
Glamroz makes a selection of all the Lebanese news that might interest the readers without getting involved in the dirty gossip. The news is usually positive news that gives a good idea about Lebanon to the foreigners and even to the Lebanese abroad.
Glamroz came to life less than a year ago, and in less then 10 months after the first article was published, we were able to be selected among the top 20 Lebanese blogs in many categories, some were the 3rd and 4th places.
A question many people ask is who is behind this e-magazine?
It is a team of professional people who are passionate about life, and this team is lead by two lady dentists who  each have her own private dental practice.
The first is in the north and is also a consultant in rural tourism for an important international organization.
While the second is a successful professional dentist who is specialized in esthetic dentistry from USA.
Stay tuned to Glamroz for more fun and knowledge,  and we are all looking forward for a more successful year, hoping to be classified first next year, in many categories.
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