If the pretty, pouchy area around your hips and stomach are called “love handles”, why do most women HATE them so much?!
In that case, they should be called HATE Handles, but they are not! And for good reason!
Women say it all the time “I HATE my LOVE Handles!” Hello, this is a true contradiction! I would rather LOVE my HATE handles!!!
And why are they called “handles?” Do they open cabinet or car doors?
If it is so hard to get a “handle” on your love handles, no matter how hard you diet and exercise. Why not call them hate hips, or love layers?
Read on to learn what lifestyle, diet and exercise techniques you can use to get rid of love handles. The four Habits that help loose the love handles:
Young woman sleeping
1) Healthy Habits
— Relieve your stress. To get rid of the handles, you’ve got to get rid of the stress! When you get stressed out due to working too much, having family troubles or experiencing some kind of trauma, the body reacts by releasing a hormone called cortisol. This hormone will cause health issues and causes you to gain fat around the middle of your body, leading to love handles.
— Get better sleep. Staying up too late is hard on your body and mind, and results in cortisol overproduction and weight gain around the middle. Getting better sleep is often an overlooked key to weight loss, but it can make a big difference. Start sleeping 7 – 8 hours per night, every night.
— Drink more water. Dehydration is another stressor on the body. Many of us are dehydrated without realizing it. Start drinking several liters of water a day, and more on hot days or when you exercise, to make sure your body is sufficiently hydrated.
— Eat regular meals. This helps prevent a blood sugar spike. If you want to get ride of your love handles, eat regular, small meals, stopping around 8:00 at night.
— Don’t drink too much alcohol. Alcohol leads to blood sugar swings. Stay away from sugary alcohol drinks altogether.
2) Healthy Diet (to build energy and burn fat);
— Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating well is the single most important thing you can do to lose love handles. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal is a great way to decrease your belly fat storage. Fruits and vegetables contain a range of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. They’re high in fiber and water and low in calories.
— Eat healthy proteins and fats. A diet with plenty of lean protein and healthy omega-3s and other good fats is essential when you’re trying to lose love handles. Each meal should include a serving
–Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits per day
– LIMIT fried foods and cheese
– LIMIT processed sugar (for example: sodas, cookies, candy)
– Eliminate fatty red meat – only lean red meats (1-2 times weekly) size of protein such as chicken, fish, or lean beef.
3) Cardio-vascular and resistance training (to burn fat and build muscle),
Losing love handles (stored fat) and increasing the metabolism so you can lose weight more effectively are all tied into a consistent cardiovascular / resistance training program. The stored fat around your mid-section is typically the last to leave your body even after months or years of an exercise plan.
You should do 20-45 minutes of activities like walking, running, biking, or swimming daily 4-5 times per week, but also mix in 2-3 times a week of basic calisthenics like pushups, bench dips, squats and lunges. It takes a few weeks before you start to see the physical benefits or your diet and exercise program. You will see almost immediate results in your energy level, overall mental alertness when exercising daily. The sample routine below will help you better organize exercise into your week.
4) Targeted Abdominal exercises (to help firm the muscles under the fatty area)
— Try the bicycle move. The bicycle is a strong move designed to get rid of love handles and can be included as part of most workout sessions quite easily. This exercise has you quickly shifting from side to side, which works the love handle muscles and keeps the stress on the oblique muscles.
— Do prone ball roll-ins to the side. This movement is done with an exercise ball, and is especially effective to target love handles because of the prone body position.
— Use a hula hoop. A fun exercise that really tones up that troublesome love handle area is using a hula hoop, sold at most fitness stores. Put on some music and swivel your hips.
— Try decline twisting sit-ups. Decline twisting sit-ups are more intense than normal sit-ups, as you are working against gravity as you lower the body and rise up again.
While everything sounds easier in theory vs. practice, it is essentially about starting early in life. And it is NEVER too early, and NEVER too late to start promoting healthy body images, through positive reinforcement, healthy eating and ultimately with a sense of humor!