Growing teeth from urine
“Scientists have grown rudimentary teeth out of the most unlikely of sources, human urine,” BBC News reveals.
Adults lose teeth due to poor hygiene, aging, disease or accidents. Traditionally, prosthetics are used to replace part or all of a lost tooth. But wouldn’t it be better if we could simply regrow lost or damaged teeth?
New laboratory study that used stem cells generated from human urine cells to grow teeth-like structures in a group of mice.
For one, the method would be non-invasive, low cost, and non-surgical. Even better, urine-derived stem cells do not form tumors when transplanted in the body unlike other stem cells.
Much more research will need to go into developing the technique before it can be seen whether one day it could have the potential for tooth regeneration in humans.
This is an exciting possibility, but it still doesn’t take us away from taking care of ourselves day to day, we still have to take responsibility to take care of us. This means exercising, eating right and taking care of our teeth in an appropriate way”.