Tamara Horeissi hospitalized after being severely beaten by her husband.

Beautiful Saturday night at home, enjoying the last days of the Spring weather. I was tweetting and commenting social events, like happy graduations all around, when a shared article grabs my attention: Kafa just posted some info about another domestic violence story. This time the news are bitter-sweet.
A very young beautiful lady had been hospitalized after being battered and severely beaten by her monster of husband. The bad news is to see this action repeated, the good news is that she made it alive to the hospital, she is safe now. The question is, for how long?
Hamdela al salemeh dear Tamara Horeissi, and to Hussein Fattuni, the presumed husband, we say, hope you will spend a long sentence in jail.
News about domestic violence have been loud this past year. While it is comforting lot of people, it is bothering many others. I agree that some people might be taking personal advantages of the situation, and that not all women are saints, and even some of them are b.. bad…! But the overall outcome is very positive and productive. So many women good had already been saved and the ones who were not lucky enough were at least heard post-mortum which could help others to be saved.

I don’t understand at all the negative reviews and comments coming mostly from men. Can someone explain to me why they are feeling so offended? Why do some men take it personal as if they are being aggressed themselves? Why do they try so hard to make us believe they are the victims?
No sir, you are not a victim, and if you are a real gentleman you won’t mind at all to hear others defend battered and even murdered woman. All real men who love their wife are very supportive of this cause, ALL of them.

I attached to this post a photo of the comments of the ANNAHAR online article tonight, the one that announces through Kafa the incident that led Tamara to the hospital. Please check the comments. While the ladies are so angry and some even full of hate toward all men (which I think is also exaggerated), Tawfik is so angry and even confirming that this is make-up, she is not beaten. And Moussa is concerned about the political situation, and thinks that the domestic violence issue is not even an issue to talk about.
Ya Estez Tawfik, to give this kind of conclusion you are supposed to be either a professional make-up artist or a professor in medicine. Are u any of both??? Plus, your profile photo shows you holding a very beautiful blessed little girl. To have her photo on your profile, it means you love her and she is close family. Would you like to see her beaten to death by her husband, God forbid??? Would you beat her this way? I guess I know the answer. So please think twice before you throw your words that could hurt already hurt people.
And to Moussa I say, yes this is a main issue, much more important than politics, as we consider any woman of my country more important that any politician selling his country for few green bills.

I wish every man would have an idea about how a woman feels when she is beaten. And if you don’t, please check the following few of so many awful consequences:
– Feeling betrayed and stabbed in the back by the man she loves.
– The loss of the man she loves, that was replaced by a monster she doesn’t know.
– The loss of the family she built, a family shattered and broken forever.
– The pain to see her kids suffer.
– The pain to suffer alone, without being able to share her thoughts and pain with anyone.
– The physical pain that might be sometimes irreversible.
– The psychological and emotional damage.
– The financial strain on her, not being able to provide her kids if she divorces, which keep her sometimes in a very abusive marriage.
– The social pressure about being abused and later divorced.
– The fear of the future in every way.
An the list could be longer, showing so many consequences of this double crime: the first done by the spouse, and the second by the society.

Why we talk about abused women and we don’t talk about the cases of abused men? A question that rises from time to time. The answer is simple: rare are those last cases, and if it happens, I believe it is the fault of the man, a lack in personality. Why would he let his wife beat him, especially that as a man, he is physically stronger. But when over a 100kg of muscles, fat, bones and an empty head, attack a feminine slender lady, how in heaven is she going to defend herself. Let us not forget the patriarchal culture that raises little girls in a way to always unconditionally “respect” the father, the brother and the husband, even if it depends on her own happiness.
I heard a Lebanese legal doctor once say that he receives lot of cases, and his legal medical reports might help scare the husband and stop him from repeating the bad actions. But he continued saying that some women deserve being beaten. I believe he is a complete ignorant.
To the men who beat the woman and think she would be ashamed to talk about it, to all people who believe a woman would lose her dignity when she gets beaten, to every woman who felt any kind of shame from being beaten, I say: NO NO and NO, it is the man who is the monster and who should be ashamed, it is the man who should hide and cry, it is the man who should lose his pride, he is the bad guy.
Beautiful Lady, please keep your head and your faith very high. You are a queen and you will always stay one in the eyes of every respectable human being. Only ugly spirits would think bad of you. Stay strong, chin up, beautiful survivor, let anyone who think bad of you go to hell.