I don’t know her, I never heard of her and never met her. But now I cannot take her image out of my head. Since yesterday her photos, especially the one in the blue dress and the big smile, are haunting my thoughts and my dreams. She is so young, has the same age of so many teenagers around me, either family or children of my friends.

People barely forgot about the killing of Yves Naufal, and now my facebook timeline is full of the news about Melanie Freiha. Friends who know her and others who don’t, all shared the bad news. Melanie an angel who was “ghannoujett ahla” and who at the same time was the great daughter, sister and friend. Many gave testimony about her, all said great things.
No, not the kind of good things people say when someone dies, the info sounds genuine and accurate. Melanie was very good and decent for her age. She was the smart accomplished teenager who got great grades at one of the most prestigious high schools of the country and made it into one of the best universities in the region, the American University of Beirut.
I was wondering today why is everyone interested to react to and share this kind of news. Last month it was Yves, today it is Melanie. Probably some react out of curiosity. But I think many others react out of fear for their loved one.
Melanie and Yves are two young people at the dawn of their life, who both died in a stupid way.  Different death but same huge loss. They are like so many people of their age that we know, our children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc….
It makes us shiver of fear to think that any of those stupid accidents could happen to any of our loved ones. Is life so cheap? Is it only in our country? Does bad things happen only to good people? So many questions with few or even no answers.
Could their death have been avoided? What if Yves didn’t go out that night? Or maybe the girl who was the cause of the fight was not there. Would Yves have been still alive?
What about Melanie, maybe if she had to stay home because of a flu and high fever, would she be around her family right now.
I think we should stop putting the blame on anyone, or on the government or even on her skills in skiing. This is an accident like the one that happened to Schumacher last year in The Alpes, France, the driving champion who slipped over a stone and had his head hit.
All this make us think where was God when this happened.
Unfortunately we don’t have accurate answers for those questions, but we would like to believe that this is God’s will, and hopefully the mighty God knows what He is doing.
God in whom I strongly believe in, please give some consolation and support to the parents of your new Angels.
Please protect our youth, give them guidance and keep them away from evil and dangers.
 The American University of Beirut mourns the death of civil engineering student Melanie Freiha who passed away in a ski accident:
“Dear ‪#‎AUB‬ Community,
I’m deeply saddened to share with you the news of the death of student Melanie Freiha, who died yesterday after an accident in Mzaar. Melanie was a first year ‪#‎civil‬ ‪#‎engineering‬ student who made a tremendous impression on her peers and the FEA – Faculty of Engineering & Architecture AUB faculty. The shock of the tragedy has upset us all; it is difficult to accept when young, vibrant people like Melanie are taken from us far too soon.
I know you join me in extending deepest condolences to Melanie’s family, as they are part of our family too. The students of FEA will remember Melanie with a one-hour memorial tomorrow (Tuesday, 2nd February) at noon in front of the Bechtel Building. All are invited to join.
Peter Dorman
President “


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