Another year, another day, another celebration. The 71st Independence day this year reminded us of the civil war. No president, security not its best.

Lebanon has been going through another turmoil, which is the continuity of many previous ones. This year was not the best since the virtual end of the civil war. Between da3esh or ISIS, explosions, empty presidential seat, renewal for all parliament seats , and last but not least, the tornado minister Abou Faour launched lately about corruption in the restaurants and other health related places on the country.

Meanwhile Lebanese are going on with their daily normal life. Work, family, and arguileh. Yes, the restaurant had been busy in almost everywhere.

But the impact of the independence day this year was not passive: reactions were mainly strong, although mostly verbal. No major actions except a shy procession toward the presidential palace.

below are a bunch of photos of how Lebanese shoed their reactions, either supportive or negative about this special day.

We wish a better celebration next year, a warmer one, with a real active president.

God bless Lebanon.