Lebanese singer and artist Maya Diab, turned heads again this week with her controversial outfit at the Casino du Liban Concert with Ziad Rahbani. Maya Diab sported a black leather jumpsuit, round shaped eye glasses, and a black wedding dress head veil. And prior to her performance on stage, she posted a picture on her social media account, posing in the toilet.

maya diab 4 n

This is not of course the first outrageous dress that draws too much attention on her, another black dress that she wore at Gala dinner of Le Voyageur Jewelry was the real “talk of the town”. A black dress that revealed much of Maya’s body.

Was the dress really that offensive?  It depends on who you ask.  Some critics roll their eyes with a resounding, “oh pleeeease.”  Is this just another media stunt for attention?  Some people were just plain offended.

Maya, later on, apologizes publicly about that dress saying that she didn’t expect it too be so much revealing in pictures.

maya diab 3


maya diab 2Maya wearing, Zaha Haddid shoes creation, a famous Iraqi architect.

maya diab 1

-The red dress with heart shaped design that she wore on Valentine last year

Maya Diab

A blue revealing dress for de Grisogno reception.

Our list of Maya’s outfits never ends, but for sure she knows exactly the power of visual imagery and often use it. She is fully aware of her “Diabers”, this is how she refers to her fans, she lives to please them.

Today she embraces herself for what once separated her from her peers, she is becoming a fashion icon. This probably motivates her to stand out and embrace the uniqueness.