Bells are ringing, crowd is cheering, family and friends are all around, waiting for the bride to show. You are the queen of the day, it is Your day.
You’re wearing a beautiful designer wedding dress, your hair is done at the best hair salon in town, makeup makes you look like an actress and you’re holding a bouquet of roses fit for a queen as you stare into your beloved’s eyes. It’s exactly how you always imagined your wedding day to be.
Then the photographer says “smile.” You panic. Scared to show yellow teeth, or a space between your teeth, gummy smile or any other imperfection that might sparkle in the middle of your perfect look, uneven smile will forever mark the photos of what should be the happiest day of your life: your wedding day.
Wedding photos last a lifetime. And the last thing a bride wants is for her and her wedding party to look less than her best.
The makeover could go from improving your smile with composite tooth colored restorations, obtain tooth whitening, receive dental veneers, have a gingivoplasty or gum recontouring, or have any other general or cosmetic dentistry procedure, as long as you get your desired Hollywood Smile Makeover.
People spend thousands of dollars on their weddings, and nothing last except the photos…and your teeth. The money you will pay for flowers, wedding clothes, venue, food etc will all go with the end. But the money you will be spending for your gorgeous smile makeover will be well deserved as you will enjoy your new smile forever.

White teeth are a bridal must.
Teeth whitening basics :
• Commence your whitening regimen one month before your wedding.
• In-surgery whitening uses a gel that is activated by laser, UV or LED light. It’s usually a quicker option, but can be expensive, and best avoided by those with teeth sensitivity.
• The at-home DIY (Do It Yourself) alternative is cheaper but you should not do it without consulting your dentist.
• Whitening toothpastes are not as effective and they’re abrasive, which can lead to excessive sensitivity.

When patients hear the term “Dental Veneers” the thought of a “Fast & Beautiful Hollywood Smile” jumps to their minds. Dental Veneers require minimal tooth reduction and are therefore more conservative than dental crowns. It’s not the only alternative for aesthetic abnormalities, but it’s truly a remarkable restoration when it’s the treatment of choice.

What are dental veneers?
Dental Veneers are thin superficial coverings for teeth. They are usually made from porcelain or resin and are usually applied to the front teeth. Huge cosmetic improvements can be made with veneers to rectify the color, size and shape of teeth.

The days of ugly metal (amalgam) fillings are long gone. Although they still exist, we have so many more cosmetically pleasing options of which White Composite.
Although these white composite fillings are more prone to staining and chipping than more expensive options, they provide excellent results and repairing them is just as easy!

This is the technique used to correct the shape of the gum line. It is mainly applied in cases of a gingival (gummy) smile and a great degree of asymmetry in the gum shape.
Gingivoplasty methods:
1- With diode Laser, no pain and no bleeding. The healing process is very short.
2- Surgical, the old fashion to reconstruct the gum

If you think your smile will affect your pictures or make you self-conscious, then your wedding is the right reason to have a smile makeover. Consider getting an initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist when you get engage. You really want to start cosmetic dental procedures with as much time as possible to make sure it’s done right, and to give yourself time to enjoy your new smile and get used to it.
We note that the wedding smile makeover is for the bride and for the groom, especially that the groom cannot have all the other accessories that will improve his look. His smile will be very important.
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