Chrissy Amphlett, frontwoman of the Divinyls, the famous group from the 80’s, whose sexually-driven song “I Touch Myself” was a global hit in 1991, has died in April 2013 at 53 with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. Due to the multiple sclerosis that Amphlett concurrently suffered from, she reported that she was unable to receive radiation treatment or chemotherapy as cancer treatment.

She had a life of passion and creativity; she always lived it to the fullest. With her force of character and vocal strength she paved the way for strong, sexy, outspoken women. She was named one of Australia’s top ten singers of all time.

When she realized that her breast cancer was terminal, she had one last order of business: to repurpose her 1990 anthem “I Touch Myself” to encourage women to check their bodies for cancer. She shared her new vision for the hit song, originally a groundbreaking celebration of female sexuality. The song “I touch myself” had reached Number 1 in Australia, Number 4 in the USA, Number 10 in the UK.

As a tribute, and beside the numerous tributes that were received from artists, performers and musicians, they also joined her family her friends and her supporters from around the globe wish, have come together to realize her last and to make sure Chrissy’s legacy lives on to remind women to be in touch with their bodies, and if something’s not right, see their doctor.

And this is how the “I Touch Myself”, The New Breast Cancer Anthem! A Tribute To Chrissy Amphlett was born.

Watch the video and please share, it might help save a life.