The Lebanese International University (LIU) – Hospitality and Tourism Department  organized ” International Cultural Cuisine Day”. It is an event that aims to bring together various cultures through their local cuisines with a purpose of bringing cultural awareness to LIU students and local community.

Several embassies had participated in this event including Italian, Russian, Greek, Brazilian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Egyptian, Iraqi, Yemeni  among others. Also, many government officials and public figures will be invited.

The event featured cultural dances as well as student groups in accordance with the participating embassies. The showcase will include cultural booths each representing a participating embassy. Booths will feature the cultural cuisine of the country, cultural music and cultural artifacts and presentations.

 By the end of the festival, a book containing the cooking recipes that were prepared during the festival was distributed. The event took place in the university campus located in Saloumi on May 20, 2015 at 12:00 p.m