This post was published 2 weeks ago, but following today video of a teacher beating fiercely his students in Al Makassed School, Nabatieh, we are re-posting this article:

Today is the teacher’s day and all Lebanese schools, teachers and students are celebrating this glorious day.

But is it a happy day for the Lebanese teachers where dropout phenomenon is reaching its highest in the Lebanese society with no real solutions.

Although Lebanese people generally place a high value on education, drop-out rates are very substantial in schools.
A number of reasons for this are:

a) that some children fail and are forced to repeat a year, which discourages them from staying in school,

b) the low standard of education at the level of basic education in schools

c) physical and moral punishment of children who misbehave or do not advance rapidly enough (such punishment was expressly
forbidden by ministerial decree 807/M/2001 but remains widespread),

d) poor parenting,
with some parents withdrawing their child from school after he or she fails a year on the assumption that the child is not good enough for education.

e) The term of « eleve paresseux » is still going strong in our educational system where A student is glorified, and student with scholar difficulties is facing an uncertain future and excluded totally from the educational system.

For those reasons and much more, the scholastic drop-out phenomenon in Lebanon is considered a problem of dangerous dimensions that tackles all children from 6 till 18 years. This constitutes a very dangerous indicator that threatens the society and the future  of our economical growth.

The question is always, who to blame ?

– the Ministry of Education that is neglecting all its duties concerning new educational system.

-Schools that are stucked to their reputation and old system with classrooms where number of students is exceeding 30.

– Teachers who are not trained to new educational system.

-Parents who are not informed properly about their children problems and solutions.

It is true that the educational system in Lebanon is one of the strongest system in the region, but is that enough to ensure our youth future properly and the future of our  economical growth ????