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Exactly 10 years ago this same place was full of millions of Lebanese who came to support the politicians and ask for the departure of the Syrian army from Lebanon. One of the most important days of Lebanon’s history.

A day we will never forget. A successful day that gave us glory and freedom.
In a previous article posted yesterday we invited all to the demonstration of the families of the Lebanese army martyrs’ scheduled for today at 11:00 am. We didn’t know what to expect, but we hoped for some good reaction from the citizens, some active and concrete support from all Lebanese to show some gratitude to those giving their lives for the country, for us to be safe.

The martyrs’ square in Beirut was not as full as expected, but the loud voice of the martyrs’ families was louder than the millions who shouted before in this same square. And louder than all the politicians and their failed promises.
The square exploded with honor and love. It was like cleaned up from all the previous lies and promises shouted under the name of Lebanon. The cries were coming from genuine, pure and wounded hearts of the relatives of the martyrs. They made us literally cry while expressing their feelings. Unbearable pain.
Studies always showed that the most painful feeling in life is the loss of a dear person.

How come if the loss is sudden and if you see the killers freed by traitors.
Those families were the only speakers who crossed this square and who were completely free of lies. They made angry promises, manly promises, true promises. They promised to start a revolution in case the killers are freed, to call for all the soldiers to go back home and stop defending the country if they will be betrayed one more time.
The most emotional and hurt person was the veteran George Semaan, father of the youngest martyr, Nadim Semaan, who got killed last fall near Tripoli in a battle where he was not supposed to be.

His parents are angry for many reasons including the fact that if Nadim had his head protected with a decent helmet, he might not have been killed. They are also angry because they were the last to know about the death of Nadim, even after it was showed on tv. If you hear his mom talking on tv, you will understand her pain and anger.
George was threatened today, and he didn’t back up, he said if they kill him, he will be happy to be next to his son. He promised that if, the killers will be freed one more time, he will start a revolution. And he meant it. And we support him.

All parents who talked addressed their words to the politicians who are not only silent, but they are also betraying the blood shed to defend them and defend their children. One mother said something very true, that she is so proud her son got killed for a decent reason, but the politicians are ashamed when their children die. And by this she meant that they are drug addicts and thieves.

Someone also mentioned the previous minister Layla el Soleh, saying they heard she is supporting the release and forgiveness of Fadel Shaker, and they are asking her with all respect, to clarify her position in this matter through the media. Let’s wait and see if she will.

Hearing all this today made me feel once more how big and important is our army and our soldiers. I guess they are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to decency and honor. And I agree, that if they will be betrayed again, they should either go back home, or start a revolution. The second option is more probable. And I will be the first one to support it and fight for it.

Did anyone ever thought that if not for those soldiers, where we would have been now? Are we relying on those gays in the nightclubs to protect us from da3esh? Did u ever imagine the country without those soldiers?

While Lebanese in general, and politicians families in particular, are in Faraya and Zaarour, our soldiers are also in the snow, but fighting in the cold weather. While your sons and daughters are sun tanning on the beach, our soldiers are frying in the heat.

Corruption is everywhere in the country, drugs are spreading like a virus among our youngsters, orgies are everywhere. We wonder why we see less men and more guys, and the answer is because the real men are in the battle, defending us.
The least we can do is to support those families, if not for the sake of gratitude for them, let it be for the sake of our own safety and freedom.
I am sure this sparkle that started today with so much honor and dignity won’t stop. I am sure it will grow like a snowball, and I believe in the power of the Lebanese citizens.

Those citizens who answered the call when Rafic Hariri died, how they ran to the martyr’s square to support kick out the killers. And they made it. I believe all our martyrs from the army worth even a much bigger reaction and we should answer the call with bigger crowds.

I quote one parent who said that the boots of a soldier are more important than lot of so many politicians. To those we say, get ready for a day that will make you forget the 14th of March 2005, as 15 of March 2015 is the new beginning.

God bless our martyrs, God bless the Lebanese army,
God bless Lebanon.