The Jordan Tourism Board had recently invited activists, bloggers, travelers and journalists from 26 different countries on a huge marketing campaign which has created quite a buzz.

The marketing campaign initiative has been heavily promoted via all social media channels, and it provided an interesting insight into how a captive public can be socially engaged to participate with a destination such as Jordan.




The “Selfie Tourism” phenomenon was very much present and tapping into some popular cultural phenomena.

The trend of taking selfies itself in different location around Jordan  became massively popular, and shared by all activists on different social media channels including the Minister of Tourism Mr Nayef el Fayez and the Managing  director of Jordan Tourism Board Dr Abed El Razzaq Arabiyat.




In this selfie-frenzy concept,  snapping yourself has never been more exciting and consequently highlighting different sightseeing around the country.



The “Selfie Tourism”  became a fun approach to underlining how much enjoyment people can get out of a trip, as well as promoting popular tourist locations in the nation in an innovative and light-hearted way.


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