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We arrived this Friday, 23d of May, afternoon to the city of the 7 mounts, Amman.
We were greeted with big smiles and a sunny sky.
Amman looks different today, like a beautiful bride getting ready to join her groom. It looks so shiny and joyful to receive a very special guest, his Holiness Pope Francis the first. The streets are very clean, the work on the new airport highway has been finished sooner than predicted to receive the Holy guest. Few posters of the two great men, the king of the country and the head of the catholic church are spread in the city.
The schedule of the mass has been changed, it will start at 3:00 pm instead of 4:00pm. The huge spot lights of the stadium are already on, like cheering to receive the pope and the big crowd that might exceed 20.000 people.
Christians of Jordan and neighbor countries are so excited to receive the Head of the Vatican for the 4th time since the 60’s. And it is a huge step for the pope to do the trip to meet his flock of Christians  that represents around 5% of the whole population of the country.
After the mass, the pope will visit the place where Jesus was baptized, the east side of the river of Jordan. It is good to mention here that for years, Israel has been trying to say that Jesus was baptized on their side, but Jordan fought the issue and the Vatican confirmed that the baptism happened on the east side.
Let us be ready for this historical moment, and may this visit bring lot of blessings to Jordan and to all the Middle East.

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journalists from all over the world, and we see the LBC group lead by Bassam Abou Zeid.