Savall is one of the most complete performers of our time, awarded the prestigious International Classical Music Award (ICMA), he is one of the main figures of Classical MusicFor more than forty years, he has rescued musical gems from the obscurity of neglect and oblivion and given them back to life for all to enjoy, a large musical repertoire from the Middle Ages to the Baroque Era.

A tireless researcher into early music, with special attention to the musical style of the Mediterranean, he interprets and performs the repertory both as a violist and a conductor. His activities as a concert performer, teacher, researcher and creator of new musical and cultural projects have made him a leading figure in the reappraisal of historical music. In 2008 Jordi Savall was appointed European Union Ambassador for intercultural dialogue and was named Artist for Peace under the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors programme. He also won a Cesar for his work on the soundtrack of Alain Corneau’s movie “Tous les matins du monde” .

The event took place oDecember 19 2014, at the Sacré-Coeur Church Frères, Gemmayze.

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