The persimmon (kaki) is a sweet, slightly tangy fruit with a soft to occasionally fibrous texture. This species, native to China, is decidious , with broad, stiff leaves.

kaki has a high proanthocyanidin -type tannin content which makes the immature fruit astringent and bitter.The tannin levels are reduced as the fruit matures. It is not edible in its crisp, firm state but has its best flavor when allowed to rest and soften after harvest. It has a soft jelly-like consistency and is best eaten with a spoon. The Japanese ‘Hachiya’ is a widely grown astringent cultivar. Some cultivars, such as Fuyu, do not contain tannins when firm. They can be eaten like an apple or can be allowed to go to any stage of ripeness, including to the jelly-like stage. These non-astringent varieties are considered to have a less complex flavor.

When ripe, this fruit comprises thick pulpy jelly encased in a waxy thin-skinned shell. “Sharon Fruit” is the trade mark for Kaki fruit. It is also known as the “Korean mango”.

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