Old Lebanese House Kanaan Family Jezzine in lebanon

In jezzine stands a historical mansion, built in 1892 by Soleiman Bey Kenaan (1856-1932), a Lebanese nationalist known for freeing the inhabitants of the Jezzine region from their obligations to pay tribute to the Druze feudal landlords of the time, and granting them full ownership of their lands. A copy of this document is on display within the mansion.
Soleiman Kanaan was exiled twice: first in 1915 when the Lebanese parliament was dissolved by the Ottomans and all its members were sent away to the Anatolian peninsula, and later in 1920 following his opposition to the French military occupation and his declaration of the complete and absolute independence of Mount Lebanon( July 10, 1920).

He was also the sole elected Lebanese to speak in a league of Nations General Assembly in Geneva (September 26, 1921). His son Maroun walked in his father’s footsteps as he was one of the seven parliament members who drew and signed the Lebanese flag and drafted a memorandum against the French mandate in November 1943.

In 1926, another one of his sons, Boulos brought electricity to Jezzine, generated from the waterfall, at a time when a big part of Lebanon was still at dark, this is the reason why the office of “Electricite du Liban” is on the ground floor of the Kenaan family mansion. The edifice, with its flowing arcades is one of Jezzine’s jewel.