“Kisses from a Distance” is a memoir that is the product of several years of research–prompted by the discovery, after her death, of a cache of letters that Angele Hobeiche Ellis had secretly saved, and which spanned some 65 years. The letters told a tale of emigration, heartbreak, disappointment, and tragedy that engulfed three Lebanese families. An engrossing story that many have said they couldn’t put it down until finished—and some said they were sorry to see it end.

Raff Ellis, a former computer industry business executive whose writing credits include many short stories, magazine articles, columns, essays and three books.

Ellis’ first full length book, Kisses from a Distance, published in 2007 by Cune Press, Seattle, WA, was nominated for a National Book Award and won the prize for adult non-fiction given by the AANM of Dearborn, MI.

Raff Ellis is a graduate of LeMoyne College with a BS in Pure Science and also holds a MBA from the University of Central Florida. He spent his entire business career in the computer industry, rising from the ranks of computer programmer to CEO of an Information Technology R & D firm.

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