Would you pay a burglar to break into your own house? Most smart people would probably say no, but smart tech companies are increasingly saying yes. Companies like Google and Facebook are offering serious rewards to hackers who can find ways to break into their software.

These companies frequently pay thousands of dollars for the discovery of a single bug–enough so that bug hunting can provide a significant income.

Lebanese Hacker Jad Ismael caused controversy tonight on AlJadeed Tv with al Nasher, Tony Khalife. Jad had been discovering bugs in booking system and online payment at many Lebanese companies such as Banks, Airline, hotels… Jad had contacted those companies telling them about  their bugs, but sadly enough, most Lebanese companies are totally ignoring him and keeping our online service in Lebanon so vulnerable.

The idea of publicly rewarding people who discover bugs could greatly improve the  internet security in Lebanon.

A big thank to Tony Khalife for shedding the light on such issues and of course a hat off to Jad Ismael for making our online service in Lebanon more secured.

Watch Lal Nasher episode HERE.

To know more about Jad, Read his blog.